Kia Motors will present an all-electric concept vehicle next week at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, a vehicle that will demonstrate the brand’s plans for mobility in the future.

The automaker will present the concept on Jan. 8 and Kia says it represents the next step in the brand’s path toward electrification.

The concept car will also feature some other new technology, such as a human-machine interface (HMI) that hasn’t been seen before. Kia will also show off a “motion graphic” lighting system.

Kia will also reveal a host of in-car advancements as part of its “Beyond Autonomous Driving” exhibits that will demonstrate the automaker’s plan for vehicle autonomy.

There will be three interactive exhibits that will allow visitors to experience the new technologies that Kia says will enhance communication between the car and its occupants.

The new technologies include driver assistance technologies, the HMI functions and an in-car 5G connection, which is a world first.

“Virtual reality, self-driving cars, and full vehicle connectivity were all once considered technologies of the distant future,” Dr. Woong-cheol Yang, vice-chairman and head of the Hyundai-Kia R&D Center, said in a statement. “As they rapidly become a reality, Kia is exploring how to adapt these new technologies for its customers. At CES we will share our strategy and vision for future mobility, and exhibit a range of advanced technologies that our customers can look forward to.”



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