2011 BMW X3

Weekends: BMW X3 takes on the mountain

The drive started out to the right, bending ever so slightly as the natural surroundings came into play. I wondered in that moment, what it must have been like for the engineers as they cut a swath through such...
2017 Range Rover Autobiography

Weekends: 2017 Range Rover Autobiography

The early morning Muskoka mist hangs like a thin veil in the trees, shrouding the distant horizon in mystery. Rising through the haze, brilliant sunshine illuminates the treetops, leaves rustling in the breeze ...
2011 CAN-AM Spyder Roadster

Weekends: Three-wheeling in Old Montreal

Put a three-wheeled motorized touring roadster into the hands of an experienced automobile driver most comfortable with sheet metal surrounding him and what do you get? This is the question I was most curious t...