2018 Buick Regal GS

Buick Reveals 2018 Regal GS

Seriously, that's a Buick?It's the latest V6-powered all-wheel drive sports sedan. It's got 310 hp, Brembo brakes, adaptive damping, a nine-speed auto, and it has a hatch. And it's a Buick.GM has just r...
BMW Bionic Research Project

New BMW Helmet Design Bears Fruit

BMW is using fruit to develop new ways to protect your melon. The company is taking inspiration from nature to develop what they call Bio-Inspired Safety Systems (BISS). The first uses the pomelo fruit to make ...
2017 Ford Flex

Test Drive: 2017 Ford Flex

Full disclosure: I’ve always been a big fan of Ford’s Flex. Since the reveal of the unabashedly square SUV in 2007, I’ve loved the toaster on wheels styling, the massive side glass, and even the ribs running th...